Vital Unifier

Vital Unifier

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NUORI’s Vital Unifier seals the cleansing phase by lifting the last traces of dirt, infuses the skin with highly potent hydrating ingredients, and enhances the performance of subsequent serums, oils, and/or moisturizers. The Unifier also works as a refreshing mist and makeup fixer throughout the day.

  • Formulated with organic aloe vera and natural hyaluronic acid, the Unifier immediately improves the skin’s moisture balance.
  • Apple fruit water nourishes the skin while stimulating the growth of keratin thereby strengthening the skin’s barrier function.
  • A complex of white tea, licorice root, and chamomile flower offers antioxidant protection and combats irritation, thus unifying skin tone and boosting suppleness.

Instruction for use:

Use day and night after cleansing. Spray three to four pumps directly to face, neck, and décolleté, or apply using a cotton pad.

Reapply any time of day to refresh, rehydrate, or fix makeup.